Welcome to the National Sports Center (NSC) Campus! We’re committed to ensuring all our visitors have an exceptional experience. This guide outlines access and policies for our facilities. For more information about general facility access, contact Karah Lodge, Accessibility Coordinator

For access information specific to event participation, please contact the event’s director.

Accessible Parking

Click HERE for a campus accessability map. This will show you the ideal parking lot for each facility or field that you are visiting.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

AEDs are available in the following locations:

      • Blue Concession Building (near field 58)
      • Dome Air Lock (south side of field 62)
      • Indoor Sports Hall hallway
      • Residence Hall lobby
      • Sports Expo Center lobby
      • Super Rink, Rink 1-4 entrance
      • Super Rink , Rink1-4 lower lobby
      • Super Rink, Rink 5-6 entrance
      • Super Rink, Rink 7-8 entrance
      • Super Rink, Hat Trick Cafe area
      • Victory Links Golf Course, Pro Shop
      • Welcome Center lobby
Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

ATMs are available in the following locations:


      • Sports Expo Center lobby
      • Super Rink lobby
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Two electric vehicle charging stations are available on the south-west side of the Super Rink parking lot.


Elevators are available in the following buildings:


      • Indoor Sports Hall
      • Super Rink
      • Welcome Center
Emergency Procedures

Severe Weather

      • Campus users should seek shelter in the Super Rink or Sports Hall


      • In the event of serious injury or illness, immediately call 911
      • For non-emergent injury during athletic events, contact the event director or headquarters to notify an athletic trainer


      • Announcements will be made via P.A. system, on-site radios, posting board, social media, and email to participants whenever possible

Restrooms (including handicap accessible) are available in the following locations:


      • Indoor Sports Hall
      • Sport Expo Center
      • Super Rink
      • Victory Links Clubhouse
      • Welcome Center
      • Portable locations throughout campus during outdoor events

A gender-neutral, single-use restroom is available in the Sport Expo Center and between the locker rooms in the Welcome Center.

All restroom access is dependent upon the building’s hours of operation.

Service Animals

Animals that qualify as service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act are allowed in all appropriate locations on the NSC campus.

Click HERE for the NSC Pet Policy.