Outdoor Natural Grass Fields


One of the most striking things about the NSC is the number of fields all on one campus. Currently the facility has over 40 soccer fields including 7 artificial turf fields. Fields are used for soccer, rugby, lacrosse, ultimate disc and other outdoor field sports.

Features & Amenities

  • Over 40 full-sized outdoor athletic fields including turf fields. Field size averages 150 yards long by 70 yards wide

  • All fields are natural grass except for 7 artificial turf fields

  • Restrooms located in all buildings throughout facility

  • Multiple water locations available throughout campus

  • Full access to facility on booked dates

  • Staked tents and production vehicles allowed on grass fields; weighted tents allowed on stadium field

  • Ability to receive and store packages up to 10 days prior to event

  • Wi-Fi internet available in all buildings. Electric and Wi-Fi access available throughout campus upon request

  • Fields can be lined and configured based on your event needs


  • Tori Everson
    Assistant Director of Sports Services
    Phone: 763-785-5662

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