NSC Sports Hall


The National Sports Center has three main indoor field sport facilities, the NSC Sports Hall, Sport Expo Center, and seasonal dome. The spaces service multiple sports, including soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, football, rugby and ultimate.

Square Feet: 58,000 (60 yards x 100 yards)
Floor Types: Clear span athletic space with FIFA quality artificial turf

Features & Amenities

  • Configurable from one large field to three smaller fields, each 30 x 55 yards

  • Soccer goals, 4' x6' (training), 6' x 12' (indoor) and 8' by 24' (regulation outdoor)

  • Baseball, softball, lacrosse, football, rugby, ultimate disc, etc.

  • Great for training or small-sided games

  • Renters of the full field or two of three small-sided fields can choose to have the curtains up or down


  • Tori Everson
    Assistant Director of Sports Services
    Phone: 763-785-5662

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